In this section I want to present some sketchs, and unfinished work on which I else work.

"On dark side of Moon". From series "Moon city".
Flight to Earth
"Jumper". The Cruiser of class "Penetration". Penetrating in deep enemy territory it creates their own jumpgate, on which in rear of enemy penetrate sabotage squadrons. It Was Used before creation hiper-drive-gate.


So was born "Golden eagle"


So look first sketch made by me in 1998. Naturally nor about what CG entailment nor went the speech.
2000. The Development of computer technology, and software have moved me on further development of idea of this nautilus.
Now, "Golden eagle" has found its final design.
Such it became after 4 years design. And I hope this not yet end.


-104 Torpedo bomber project


Year 2000. Such a was an initial idea. She appeared as continuation stiletto "Golden eagle"


Year 2003.





Series ""Dark wizardry"







Series ""


The Fighter "T-18". High maneuverability, powerful arms, lightness production has done the naves of this type very popular in developing world.


The Missile destroyer "-22". The Nave of first nock.


Fighter "-20"
Heavy fighter "-43"


Series "Ocean world"


deep patrol. I created this image in 2000.



old work