"Empire forever"


"Empire forever" - whole cycle of drawings and short stories dedicated to development and formations 1-st empires of Earth. Coverring period in 800 - 900 years approximately.

"Empire forever" - my own universe with their own laws and principles. Where flight of my fantasy is not limited nor what frames everyday.

"Empire forever" - history which I want to tell all who its will want to hear.


For each drawing I write the short scenario or idea.


1. Empire forever: "Volley"
On this episode I else work
2. Empire forever: "Wanderer"
One of the the elements this chapters is ready.
3. Empire for ever: "Палладин"
"Palladin", "Raven" and "Torahs" - three naves of carrier vanished at the beginning initially period "Wars for independence of colonies". Through three hundreds of years only "Raven", or more exactly its wreck, there was are discovered in approach star system "Bakula 6". This there was through 1,5 after events described in chapter "Volley".
4. Empire forever: "Golden eagle"
  The Heavy fighter an torpedo is temporary "Dim wars". Differ lightness in management, as well as very reliable hiperdrive. Has Served the central to making the whole class of similarred machines.
5. Empire forever: "Kukchri"
KUKCHRI - STORIED personal cool - weapon Hurki (elite troopses of Britain).
The Stormgraft "Kukchri" is intended for suppression of defence of enemy.
6. M-104 Torpedo bomber.
Created on the basis of multi-purpose "Golden eagle", this machine differed high survivability and simplicity of management. Add here the big fire power and it - a flying dugout.